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Great Western Trail box cover

Three Games I Can’t Wait to Play

iwilsThere are some incredible games out right now, and if you are like me in any capacity, then you have reason to be excited. However, like most of our readers on Facebook, I know that many of you see these games as nothing more than a waste of time, but the more I tell you about them, the more I hope to persuade you into seeing them as so much more. In fact, I 

Star Wars Armada Expansion Reaction

It is as if in the church of Star Wars Armada, that holy cathedral of glorious thought, there stands a base of a statue with Princess Leia dressed in white like the virgin mother. As the candles are lit and strewn about, the trinity of Anakin, Luke and Rei came through and answered the prayers and petitions of the saints of the game. Yes, the hammerhead is here ladies and gentlemen; err…at least it will be. Excuse me while I step aside and get struck by lightning. We have had a day now to analyze and think about all the wonderful new additions the two new
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