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Taking a “Chunk” Out of My Time…

As anyone who has popped on this website can tell, we are pushing The Walking Dead: All Out War miniatures game somewhat hard.  It's not the only game we play on Thursday nights, but when I pulled it out, with my painted cars, walkers, crate walls, and newly purchased trees from Woodland Scenics, a sense of awe came over everyone as they looked upon the board I created. It wasn't that I was so wonderful; on the contrary, I hardly get a second look.  However, the board lends itself to one, two, even three takes as the zombies (walkers) roam the streets of Atlanta sweeping this way and that, looking to take a "Chunk" out of any passerby.  As I explained the game and moved to the "GM" role, rolling dice for

Tzolk’in Board Game Review – One of the Best Games Ever

My wife and I flew to Machu Picchu this past summer on a whim and were able to see one of the most breathtaking sites known to man. We walked up the long and overly steep trail from Aguas Caliente to the top and had to stop once or twice (ok, maybe a few more times) just to take everything in (along with the limited amount of Oxygen in that altitude). The Indiana Jones movies were based on the guy who first discovered Machu Picchu and the seemingly ancient stone steps we traversed gave us an appreciation for the genius of the Incan Empire. Though I had always had a slight obsession with the Incan, Mayan, and Aztec Empires, this trip solidified it for me. So when I came home, one of the first things I wanted to do (besides eating In and Out) was take out any of the games I