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Friday's Four

Friday’s Four – April Fool’s Edition

Here’s a great Friday for you; the Walking Dead Friday.

I could start off by stating a bunch of things that simply aren’t true, but I wanted to instead take the day and show you some amazing blogs on my favorite new game: The Walking Dead All Out War.  Some of these blogs just have pictures, but others create for us a growing desire to pick up a game and begin playing, even if we have been so saturated with the zombie theme that we could almost vomit.  Almost.  It’s still pretty epic to dream about the apocalypse and not having any responsibilities, sleeping in, and rummaging for food that no longer costs anything.  Wait, that’s sort of painting me in a box so we’ll move on.

First up is this little gem of a blog about the game we love so much.  The writer truly gives us a clear view on what he hopes to accomplish, but we can all see the promise in it.  Imagine what this board will look like when it is all done!  Send us a pick please or link your blog when you are finished!

Second, Big Comic Page has put our a great article on the game.  Yes, he admits to some very very minor hiccups, but all in all, he does a great job running through it and explaining the replay value.

Third, so I had to post this OTHER blog on the same site I listed above.  Partly because this game is so new, but also because THIS page is absolutely spectacular.  Can’t imagine playing a game with all of this cover!

Fourth, for all those will little time, check out this pure and simple blog with plenty of pictures of the Walking Dead Board Game.

Great job to all of the bloggers on here; now if we could just protect our minds from all of the jokes that will be happening tomorrow!