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Friday's Four

Friday’s Four – Fearless Givers

As Bryan and I, along with Luis and the others from last night, contemplate what Dualist Gaming continues to evolve into, one of the things that keeps grabbing our attention is our need to constantly make ourselves better.  We want cleaner pages, cleaner blogs, clearer content, and amazing products.  But more than that, we know we need to grow.  Our non-unlimited budgets means we can’t exactly get our names on sites like Board Game Geek or Dice Tower News, but we can grow a grassroots tribe.  We know too that not only do our prices have to be competitive, they have to win.  Even against Amazon, under most circumstances, this can be possible.  It’s hard, but it can be done; for who doesn’t like to save even a dollar on those guys?

One of the strongest ways in which we can tell people about our little project here is to build community and presence online.  To me, this isn’t rocket science.  It is, however, important.  And in doing so, we want to encourage our limited readership to go on other blogs and sites, check them out, and let them know we say hi.

In other words, we want to be fearless givers and do what we can to help others reach their goals. So, in no particular order, I want to draw attention to these four blogs:

First, I always love this blog.  In fact, this is mainly what he does; he links other blogs to his blog in an effort to help promote everything.  It is from him that I received this idea, and so I want to “ping” him back!

Second, Bryan and I are knee deep in exploring what we can and can’t sell on this site.  But one thing we want to do is ONLY offer games we like and games we would like to play.  This blog does a great job exploring games put out by GMT (a great publisher of games like Twilight Struggle).

Third, this website is just great.  I know that may seem a bit sarcastic, but it isn’t in any way.  There’s so much content; our blog section wants to be their blog section when it grows up.  And they just happen to have some really great stuff on Rio Grande Games; an amazing line of board games:

Last but not least, this blog is relatively new, and for that we are akin.  But, hailing from some far distant shore, we all need to support and encourage each other.  Head on over to his blog, show him some gaming love, and learn a few things that I probably couldn’t tell you; because I’m just not that smart.  Plus, the blog title is EPIC: