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Friday’s Four

In an our continuing effort to create and foster community, this week’s Friday’s Four focuses primarily on blogs that are speaking about the games we are excited to be offering each person at discounted rates.  For starters, I have to mention this blog because it does an amazing job with providing pictures and in depth game mechanics to really give you a feel of Adrenaline.

Second, we haven’t been able to preview Zombicide yet, though we have copies for purchase.  We know the price tag is steep (just send us a message and see what we can do!).  I look forward to opening a copy for our viewers to gander at.  But for the time being, check out this blog on Zombicide.  It’s a perfect intro with some comedy to boot!

Third, I’m going to cheat a little bit.  Now, I know this is a blog we control, but I haven’t found too much on WordPress to “ping” for Blood Rage so I’ll just post this.  Give me grace.

Fourth, I will keep talking about the amazingness of this game until I am blue in the face.  Tzol’kin the board game is so excellent not only with its game mechanics, but in its attention to detail.  This blogger has some pretty nice things to say.