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I’ve recently had a resurgence of the Walking Dead, and have been binge-watching episodes on Netflix. I ran into a dear friend of mine that was out of contact for a while who shared his enthusiasm of the Walking Dead that we shared years ago for the comic. We would go to the local comic book store and get our weekly Walking Dead comics, watch the television series, and talk all the time about it. We had collected nearly all of the comics (before I sold them for a ridiculous amount of money on eBay) and were both disappointed but hopeful for the series on television.

Fast forward a few years, and here I run into him at church when I have been getting into the new miniatures game of the Walking Dead. It’s new, having only been out a few months, but thus far it is really taking the miniatures genre to a whole new level of playability and creativity. You may not see yourself as a miniatures hobbyist, but I hope to create in you the reader some tantalizing details that might open you up to the game.

Why do this? Partly because I love it so much, and I want to help others see how wonderful it is as well. Even if you have never read the comics before and have no desire to do so, and even if you believe the zombie genre to be overplayed and overdone via Hollywood, I do believe this game is wonderful for many reasons. And though I have already written about my love of the core game, there are expansions that have been released, with new ones next month, that make it more and more of a must buy for all who love gaming.

For starters, the game can be as large as you’d like. With every expansion comes new characters and equipment that can either make you more effective against walkers or more effective against enemy survivors. I haven’t seen massive groups fighting each other, but I am eager to bring the game to Thursday nights and other game nights to see how this might happen. I’ve even created a way for three to six players to compete against each other, something Games Workshop lacks in balance, due to the walkers evenly attacking each group. The walkers really set this game apart and can be used strategically to your advantage. Again, something Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40K simply do not have.

Let me share a few of the booster’s to give you a better idea. Rick on Horseback, a brilliantly beautiful model, comes with a “horse” attachment. The horse attachment gives the rider the ability to travel 12” in a single move, which is amazing given the circumstances, and also can hold up to three other attachments. So this one character can start the game with incredible swiftness as well as a “get out of jail free” card for a single turn as the shots and melee combat can all be directed towards the horse as it perishes.

The Morgan booster, though not something someone might purchase right away, comes with a “Springfield M1903” ranged rifle. This rifle not only adds some pretty sweet dice to the roll of ranged attack but can also fire pretty much across the battlefield with a range of 30”. This is incredible as one person can camp out in great cover or from a high position and just pick off people from afar. Coupled with those with high range ability already, this is a deadly combination against anyone. To make matters worse, the “scope” attachment in the Morgan booster adds another 6” to the attack, making this combination just about the most deadly in the game. Most weapons fire at 10-20”.

The last booster I’ll talk about is the Andrea Booster from Mantic games. Andrea is a great character to have all by herself, but with the new equipment card of a “silencer,” you have a 50% chance of not causing mayhem on a shot. This can really come in handy when there are a lot of walkers in your vicinity. In case you were wondering, when a pistol or rifle is shot, it triggers the in-game mechanism of “mayhem” which draws every walker within 10” shambling towards you in a straight line. One walker is manageable most times, but having three on you spells certain doom for your survivor.

The core set of the Walking Dead: All Out War is amazing by itself and really, that’s all you need to have an amazing time. But buying the boosters and expansions for the game makes it ten times more enjoyable to not only play solo, but to play against other survivor groups. Also, with the rumored expansions of the “Greene Farm” as well as “the Prison,” I can’t wait to see all that will be coming out soon.

So get excited! I truly hope you can see this game as a beautiful addition to any collection, as well as a way to jump into the miniatures board gaming genre. The game is much simpler than Warhammer or anything like that, and gives a sense of mastery after the first play through. I highly enjoy this game, and know you will too!