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The Walking Dead: All Out War “Walker Booster”

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DG’s Price: $16

MSRP: $22

Savings: 28%!

This Walking Dead Booster contains 6 walker miniatures to bulk out your herd, along with a set of event cards designed to bring more of the dead onto the table and make your games even more challenging.  One thing that needs to be noted with this booster is that it doesn’t offer new miniatures you haven’t seen before, but gives you a chance to bolster what you already have.  In other words, they aren’t new designs, but more of what comes in the Core Set!

You will also get a set of equipment cards exclusive to this set, including the Mossberg 500 shotgun!


6 Walker Miniatures
4 Event Cards
4 Equipment Cards
Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.


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