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Zombicide: Angry Neighbors

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DG’s Price: $33

MSRP: $54

Savings: 40%

Publisher: Guillotine Games

Angry Neighbors is an expansion for the Zombicide board game . Get ready for an infernal neighborhood tour with 4 brand new Survivors, Zombie counterparts, and 8 Helpers! It also contains 15 missions (5 for each base game) to enjoy lots of hours of fun, using 3 new modules Full of holes in the ground and fun new places to explore. Arm your team with new Team cards (Crossbow, Winchester, American fists!) To hunt down the fast and unpredictable zombie Seekers. Enjoy the (furious) neighborhood!

You need a basic Zombicide box to enjoy this expansion.


  • 34 Miniatures: 4 Survivors, 4 Zombies, 8 Companions, 18 Seekers
  • 3 Reversible play modules
  • 4 Survivor Identification Cards, double-sided
  • 63 mini cards: 12 Zombie Tracker Cards, 28 Equipment Cards, 8 Companion Cards, 16 Wound Cards
  • 26 Chips


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