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Setting a Different Course for Board Gaming – Giving Dualist Gaming a Try

Why Us?

What sets Dualist Gaming apart from other websites that sell games?  For starters, we hope to be your go to resource for specifically good games.  We don’t seek to have some menagerie of cardboard painted boxes glittered with cool images only to find the game seriously lacking.  We don’t sell that kind of game.  We don’t sell many games.  In fact, we have less than a hundred games on our website.  What we do have, however, are only incredible games.  So our website is really for the new gamer per se; the kind of person who may just be jumping into the board gaming genre but are uncertain about many of the presuppositions they might hold to.  Our hope is that you begin to trust our recommendations from people who are still afraid of others who dress up at Comic Con and when they are home by themselves.

Scary Good

Yes, board games can be scary.  The people who play them can be lumped into a certain category of sorts simply because you knew someone you didn’t like in middle school who used to play board games and so ruined it for you.  I get that.  But just because their prepubescent tendencies frightened you, doesn’t mean you need to give up.  What it means, however, is that you need a sojourner or someone who has played a good fair amount of games themselves.  Or, you might have ideas that the only kind of board gamers are those yelling Yahtzee! with your grandparents down the hall or wearing elvish clothing in a dimly lit closet playing dungeons and dragons from the 80’s.  Perhaps you have watched the 40-Year-Old-Virgin staring Steve Carell one too many times and have been frightened by the same prognosis over your life if you take up painting miniatures as well. Yes, those images frighten us too; but again, let us take your hand and help you out of those shuddering thoughts and lies.  Board games are not scary; they are scary good.

Example: Arcadia Quest

Let us share with you an example.  Perhaps we are biased as we are ignorant to the dungeons and dragons game, but we’ve been told that the game is a lot of fun to play.  We’ve never played it.  Why?  Read the previous paragraph.  Honestly, we have too many ideas that we can’t seem to get away from.  We just don’t do roleplaying games.  Some of us are open to it, but thus far, none of us have taken the plunge.  So what to do?  The game mechanics are supposedly amazing, so instead of donning witches cloaks and warlock hats (note: that is NOT a slur on Harry Potter or its fans) and fighting in the back yard forrest, we instead play games like Arcadia Quest that take the roleplaying out completely but leave all of the fun in the game.  In fact, even the miniatures, though amazing, are kinda cutesy for a dungeon crawler and really add to the fun aspects of the game.  For a great article on this game, check out Dog and Thimble’s review here.  Those guys are pretty amazing so say hello if you stop by.

Enter in Dualist Gaming.  Instead of buying a ton of games that you may or may not like, we are fairly upfront and let you know that if you want to give something like this a try without the roleplaying of other games, then we have what you want.  We love Arcadia Quest so much that we offer a few expansions to go along with it (almost as much as the Walking Dead All Out War…shameless plug there).  You can trust us in this.  We want to play games and offer games that even my (Dan’s) wife would enjoy and she’s a crazy gorgeous Orange County girl (note: only Dan is writing this so I might be a bit biased).  We want to play offer party games that actually work in parties that we have been to.  We offer family games that Dan has played with his kids and ones that they enjoy and actually ask to play again.  This is a huge undertaking, by the way, as my son Noah is ten, plays soccer religiously, surfs, and rarely even plays video games on some weekends.  He’s that kind of boy and is a direct cut from his momma so he’s hard to please.

So give us a try.  Try one of our games that we offer here.  We’ll be doing reviews if we can afford to break the seal from our limited supply of games.  In those reviews, we’ll be honest, but chances are we have played them already or done extensive research on the games that they are already impeccable. We are confident you will enjoy these games so much that you will be back checking out other reviews and games we have.  And as always, if ever you have a question, we will personally answer them all and oftentimes recommend games we can’t offer on here.  So have a great day, keep pushing yourself to be better, and try out a board game or two.  You won’t regret it.