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I’ve recently had a resurgence of the Walking Dead, and have been binge-watching episodes on Netflix. I ran into a dear friend of mine that was out of contact for a while who shared his enthusiasm of the Walking Dead that we shared years ago…
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Taking a “Chunk” Out of My Time…

As anyone who has popped on this website can tell, we are pushing The Walking Dead: All Out War miniatures game somewhat hard.  It's not the only game we play on Thursday nights, but when I pulled it out, with my painted cars, walkers, crate walls, and newly purchased trees from Woodland Scenics, a sense of awe came over everyone as they looked upon the board I created. It wasn't that I was so wonderful; on the contrary, I hardly get a second look.  However, the board lends itself to one, two, even three takes as the zombies (walkers) roam the streets of Atlanta sweeping this way and that, looking to take a "Chunk" out of any passerby.  As I explained the game and moved to the "GM" role, rolling dice for